Suggestion for laying and maintenance

posatoreAesthetic Appearance
The different veins and different density of the background color, present in each slab, are specific characteristics of Marbles and Granites natural. Before their laying, we suggest that you place the content of some boxes directly on the floor, to compose the surface in the most correct and pleasant way, thus respecting the slab’s natural features.
Suggestion for layng
All the surfaces for natural stones laying must be dry, stable, sufficiently plane, free from dust and from any substance that can hinder their adhesion to the floor. While preparing the block, avoid using lime that could cause efflorescence and dullness on the slab surface, due to trasudation of the underlyng moisture.
For natural stones laying with adhesives with fast hardening and hydration, GRANIRAPID BIANCO is indispensable in the laying of light floors (quarzite rosa, kashmire white, ecc.).
Expansion joints
While laying the floors, a joint of at least 5mm should be left in correspondence of wall and edges. For large surfaces, consider expansion joint of at least 1cm.
Standard washing of the pre-polished granite. Avoid using acid products: natural stones react when in contact whith acids, as they have a calcareous origin. Do not use wax-removing agents or alkaline products: they can damage the polishing.
Protection of pre-polished granite
This product is featured by a high hardness and surface brightness. For a correct maintenance and cleaning we suggest to use products from Bellinzoni Company, Milano.