Our story
Piastrellificio Carobbio was founded in 1956 by its founder Elia Zenoni. Is the beginning of a path made of high hopes and very few resources. It produces the “Terrazzo Tiles”, a material that is widespread particularly in Middle Eastern markets. And it is the Zenoni family insight to the evolution of production towards the transformation of a natural material among the most important and lasting in the world: granite.


We have been working for over sixty years in the flooring and facing sector. We cut, calibrate and polish with the same artisanal passion that has brought our company to expand itself and find new market stimulus. We operate in this particular field since a long time and are aware of the secrets and particularities. We pay attention to the changes and take care of the quality of our products, we are as well sensible to the request of our older and newest customers. Because of this our work is perfectly in sintony whith the field in wich we operate.

The market has Piastrellificio Carobbio, in the diversity of global economy, extended ramifications in all continents.
But is there anything that worth more and that helps to determine the right combination between supply and demand: listening to the customer and sharing of best technical economical choices. From the floor of modern cruise ships coverings of large metropolitan buildings, the products have the digit of beauty and quality of the best resource that nature provides.
The main objective is to highlight relations between company and customer, to enhance and personalize the contacts respond promptly to requests and generate competitive advantages for both.
On completion of the supply Piastrellificio Carobbio has counseling services pre-installation and post-sales assistance.